Facing Reduced Feed-in Tariffs?

Want To Improve Your Solar Utilisation?

Want To Make Solar Twice As Smart?

Power Genius Can Help.

Save money with Power Genius Management Module
Relax while you maximise your solar power usage and save money

Start Saving Now

Power Genius automatically manages how solar power is used throughout your home, helping you maximise the return on your investment in solar. Power Genius increases the utilisation of the solar power you generate, reducing your dependence on mains power throughout the day.

Power Genius connects to your home electric and solar network easily through hardware fitted by one of our qualified installers. You can rest easy knowing Power Genius is saving you money and the planet.

There’s never been a better time to invest in solar

Increase Your Solar Utilisation

Maximise your power savings

How It Works

Power Genius smooths out how power is used in your home meaning as much as 95% of the solar power you produce you use.

Before Power Genius

After Power Genius

Power Genius intelligently delays power hungry appliances like hot water cylinders, water pumps, and washing machines from turning on until there is spare solar power in your home network.

The Benefits

maximise your savings on your power bill

Return On Investment

Maximise the return on your solar investment by using the power your solar panels generate intelligently. That’s smart.

save money on your power bill

Reducing Your Power Bill

Reduce your need for expensive mains power by turning appliances on and off when solar power is available during the day.

green energy environment leaf

Being Green

Being green is easier than ever. In fact, it’s not just good for the environment, but good for your bank account too.

Solar power is good for the environment
You’ve already made a smart choice with Solar. Start saving more money on your monthly power bill by making another SMART choice with Power Genius

It is now easier than ever to make your solar power investment work for you

Whether you have already invested in solar or you are thinking about making the switch, make Power Genius part of your plan to truly make your solar system work for you.

Explore the house to discover how Power Genius can work for you.

Explore how Power Genius can be put to work in your home.

Explore how Power Genius can be put to work in your home.

Smart features that may change your life

Power Genius never stands still. We’re always working on updates and because the Power Genius System is connected to the cloud, as Power Genius gets smarter, your system does too through automatic updates.

Explore the features that make Power Genius SMART
Maximise your solar power energy


Power Genius works with every solar panel system. In fact it works with any source of power; mains or wind-turbine.

smart cloud network


Do as much or as little as you like; let Power Genius intelligently manage how power is used in your home.

Smart home power monitoring

SMART Living

Transform some standard appliances in your home into a SMART appliances. Upgrade your home.

Power monitoring dashboard


Control and track how power is used throughout your home. Prioritise and control when appliances turn on and off.

Power monitoring offline

Always On

Power Genius controls your home power network even when the internet is down. We really have thought of everything.

Cloud based power management analytics

Cloud Intelligence

Power Genius is always getting smarter. Updates, improvements, and fixes can be pushed from the cloud to your home 24/7.

Installation setup of Power Genius

Easy Set-up

Qualified installers can transform your home in just a few hours. Once set-up, add new appliances as you like.


24/7 Management

Power Genius never sleeps. Always monitoring, and learning, rest easy knowing your power management is in safe hands.

Helpful Power Genius Support

Friendly Support

We are always on-hand to provide you with the support you need. Call us, or chat with us online; we’re here to help.

Why Power Genius?

Increase the savings on your monthly power bill and realise greater than 10% on your investment in your Power Genius solution.

Here are a few reasons why Power Genius is the SMART choice
maximise your savings on your power bill

Return On Investment

Whether you’ve already invested in solar or are thinking about it, understanding how you can realise a return on your investment is important.

Power Genius gives intelligence to your solar panel system, making sure power is being used efficiently across the demands of your household, reducing the need to draw on expensive mains power.

Power Genius is doing to the solar energy market what the smartphone did for communications. We’re making it easier to live smarter. Property owners simply won’t install solar without Power Genius in the future.

save money in the living room

Join The Era Of The Smart Home

Power Genius is built for the Smart Home era. Easily transform standard devices into SMART devices using our easy to integrate controllers.

Power Genius is a great way to take advantage of your solar system and upgrade some of your home appliances. Being SMART is the right thing to do.

green energy environment leaf

Green Is Right

There used to be a time when going green meant going without some of the everyday luxuries you used to take for granted. Now, going green will not only save you money but it means you unlock a whole new world of home living.

With Power Genius, being environmentally conscious means doing less and saving money. It’s hard to believe that not more people are doing it.

kitchen power savings iso

It’s So Easy To Start Saving

Installing Power Genius is easy. Although its something you need a qualified installer to do, the set-up process is no different to having the internet connected at home.

Once an installer has fitted the gateway and power management module into your existing home power network, appliances are easily configured and added to your Power Genius home network. In less than a couple of hours, Power Genius will be up and running and your solar power system will have been upgraded to an intelligent one.

Although savings do vary, you can expect to see a return on your investment as soon as you get started. Our support team are on hand to make sure you’re making the most of Power Genius and things are working just right.

Total Power Over Your Power Total With Power Genius

Lady monitoring power and saving money
Happy family save money on their power bill
Happy saving money on your power bill

Disclosure: Performance percentages are based on recorded averages and will vary from customer to customer.